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An Ability Word is a word that thematically groups cards with a common functionality, but has no special meaning in the Comprehensive Rules.

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List of Ability Words[]

Comprehensive Rules[]

  • 207.2c An ability word appears in italics at the beginning of some abilities. Ability words are similar to keywords in that they tie together cards that have similar functionality, but they have no special rules meaning and no individual entries in the Comprehensive Rules. The ability words are battalion, bloodrush, channel, chroma, cohort, constellation, converge, domain, fateful hour, ferocious, formidable, grandeur, hellbent, heroic, imprint, inspired, join forces, kinship, landfall, lieutenant, metalcraft, morbid, parley, radiance, raid, rally, spell mastery, strive, sweep, tempting offer, threshold, and will of the council.
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Ability Words
DomainFateful hourFerociousFormidableGrandeurHellbentHeroicImprintInspired
Join forcesKinshipLandfallLieutenantMetalcraftMorbidParleyRadiance
RaidRallySpell masteryStriveSweepTempting offerThresholdWill of the council