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Limited Format

Limited denotes a format wherein players play with decks constructed at the event from a limited and usually randomized pool of cards, rather than constructing decks ahead of time with one or more entire sets or blocks available as in Constructed formats.

Limited formats include Sealed and Draft.

Deck Construction[]

Limited formats share a set of common deck construction rules:

  • Minimum of 40 cards
  • Includes only cards from the player's limited pool, plus any number of basic lands (usually provided by third party)
  • May include as many copies of a card as are included in the player's limited pool; unlike constructed decks, there is no 4-copy limit
  • Any cards not used in the deck become the player's sideboard
  • A player may modify his or her deck between games or matches by removing cards from the deck and/or by adding basic lands or cards from his or her sideboard, as long as the decklist still adheres to the above guidelines. Cards do not have to be traded between deck and sideboard on a 1-to-1 basis, and the deck does not need to be returned to its original state before each match.
Constructed StandardModern
EDH (Commander)
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Limited DraftSealed
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