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Snow is a supertype that has the quality that any card that has this characteristic that makes mana makes snow mana instead.


Snow mana was first introduced in Ice Age when the cycle of snow covered lands was first conceived. It did not do anything special back in those days but the lands themselves had a lot of interesting interactions with the rest of the set.

When Coldsnap was released snow mana could actually be used to do different things. There were a lot of cards that had abilities that would only function with snow mana.

Snow mana works just like regular mana. It has a color and can be used to pay any cost. There are just some costs that can only be paid with it. All basic lands have a snow-covered version.

Mana W.pngSnow-Covered Plains
Mana U.pngSnow-Covered Island
Mana B.pngSnow-Covered Swamp
Mana R.pngSnow-Covered Mountain
Mana G.pngSnow-Covered Forest

Snow Permanents

In addition to snow lands there were a lot of other snow permanents with the release of Coldsnap. Again, this type did nothing of its own but it would matter in the interaction with other cards such as Chill to the Bone.

Famous Snow-cards

Colors of Mana
White Mana W.png Blue Mana U.png Black Mana B.png Red Mana R.png Green Mana G.png
Allied Azorius Mana W.pngMana U.png Dimir Mana U.pngMana B.png Rakdos Mana B.pngMana R.png Gruul Mana R.pngMana G.png Selesnya Mana G.pngMana W.png
Enemy Orzhov Mana W.pngMana B.png Izzet Mana U.pngMana R.png Golgari Mana B.pngMana G.png Boros Mana R.pngMana W.png Simic Mana G.pngMana U.png
Shards Bant Mana G.pngMana W.pngMana U.png Esper Mana W.pngMana U.pngMana B.png Grixis Mana U.pngMana B.pngMana R.png Jund Mana B.pngMana R.pngMana G.png Naya Mana R.pngMana G.pngMana W.png
Wedges Abzan Mana W.pngMana B.pngMana G.png Jeskai Mana U.pngMana R.pngMana W.png Sultai Mana B.pngMana G.pngMana U.png Mardu Mana R.pngMana W.pngMana B.png Temur Mana G.pngMana U.pngMana R.png
Other: Colorless Mana C.png Generic Mana1 Generic Mana2 Generic Mana3 Generic Mana Snow Mana WUBRG Mana W.pngMana U.pngMana B.pngMana R.pngMana G.png
Hybrid ManaPhyrexian Mana 1 White Phyrexian Mana1 Blue Phyrexian Mana1 Black Phyrexian Mana1 Red Phyrexian Mana1 Green Phyrexian Mana

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